Lia’s Laces

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

I have been playing around a bit more with my phone (Android) to explore its capabilities and one of the fun things is the ability to work with multiple cameras. I have tried many of them and removed nearly all because I am able to replicate the effects within Photoshop (keeping the original capture untouched).

One notable exception is Awesome Sketch, which presents the captured image as if it were a pencil drawing. I have done this effect in Photoshop a number of different ways, but this particular app does this much better than any of the methods I have tried. Finishing the image in Snapseed is, well, a snap.

This image is my ten month old granddaughter, who finds the laces of my shoes to be one of her unending joys. I happen to like this particular image partially because I believe that it captures her personality quite well, but also because she is standing without realizing it. It is quite special to observe the learning process, from understanding that one has control over their fingers to walking and beyond.

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