Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Yesterday was the 16th Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, an event I helped start, so of course I had to participate. I had planned to install my work at Artomatic Frederick so my time was limited, so I decided to work digitally. I installed a zone plate body cap on my D70 and wandered into downtown Frederick.

This past winter took so long to depart that I wanted to celebrate its passing with an image that showed the warmth of Spring, so I sought out reflections of cars that might suggest this. The image presented offers what I was seeking, with just a bit of color.

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1 Response to Sunny Sunday Afternoon

  1. Wow, you’re quick! I love the flares in this. And I’m glad to know that zone plate “counts” for WPPD; I wasn’t sure. I had fun pinholing yesterday, and still have film to develop and process :-)

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