Million Dollar Print

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A photographer friend and I were working our shift at Artomatic Frederick and our discussion turned to selling prints. As one who does not sell enough to begin to think of paying for the paper used, the conversation quickly turned to what prints sell for big bucks and lamenting our inability to participate in this category.

I whined about the fact that Steichen only barely makes it into the top ten while Weston only barely makes it into the top twenty-five (no Adams, no Stieglitz, etc.).  I mentioned Rhein II, which sold for over four million dollars, and he told me that any insignificant smudge on a wall could serve for such an image and pointed to one.  As he prepared his camera to take a picture of such I one-upped him by using my cell phone to photograph the subject (after which he one-upped me by taking the picture with a much older cell phone).

So for your viewing pleasure I present Untitled, my million dollar picture (which would not come close to being in the top twenty-five).  I may print this out and offer it, hoping that someone would make the purchase for FOMO (act now and I will sell it for just a hundred thousand dollars).

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2 Responses to Million Dollar Print

  1. Bob Dungan says:

    When you look at the prices that Andy Warhol got for making a copy of a soap box, you begin to understand that, sales price is not about the art, it is about the person who created it.

  2. fbaron2 says:

    Great post…

    You opened a file for me.

    I often wonder, how many memorable photos can a person, working regularly, produce in a year?
    I often think that one a month is good production. Over the course of 10 – 20 years there would be a significant portfolio.

    A good friend and prolific photographer for years entered photos into juried shows and never had an acceptance. Then one year, he entered, what he considered his six worst photos and they were all accepted.

    For sure, with me, my best photos have never been equipment related.

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