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I have never made prints for the specific purpose of selling, but that will change this weekend.

In the past I have made prints available at shows and there have even been times when I have made a sale.  However, these have always been work that I did on a personal basis and someone made the decision to trade their hard-earned money for what they have seen.  That is actually the biggest complement one can receive.

This is the weekend of the Columbia Festival of the Arts and I will have a 10X10′ tent in Symphony Woods, where there will be plenty of music and entertainment.  I will be offering my original Bromoil prints, but also have made limited edition reproductions available.

Understanding that not everyone will “get” the process, I decided to diversify my offerings.  I have created a series of images that were taken around Lake Kittamaqundi that have been rendered to look like pencil sketches.  These images are then printed on vellum (I have experimented with Pictorico with interesting results) and after sizing is applied, backed with gold leaf (I also offer them with copper leaf), and covered on both sides with varnish.

Placed within a frame I must admit that these look rather nice.  The scan offered gives somewhat of an idea of what one will see, though the viewer will need to imagine the gold as shiny, which really makes things jump out.

I have no idea whether or not there will be an interest in what I have to offer, but it will be fun giving this a try.

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  1. Impressive technique! Wish I could visit in person – best of luck!

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