Albany Courthouse

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Click for larger image

While photographing in Albany I needed to use a restroom. I found a Starbucks, but in cities they generally restrict restrooms to customers, and buying a cup of coffee would pretty much defeat the purpose.

I looked around and found the courthouse, deciding that that would be a reasonable alternative. Upon entering the building I was required to remove my belt and all metal on my person, including my plastic camera. I was told that cameras were not allowed. I negotiated with them and they allowed me to leave my belongings with them, use the bathroom, and then return for my items.

I needed to get back to my parking spot, as time was expiring. I did not have a chance to ask them the questions I would have liked, namely, “Do you allow cell phones? Cell phones with cameras? But not plastic film cameras?”


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One Response to Albany Courthouse

  1. Very cool image! Someone I know once photographed a corporate-type office building in a, um, minor city – actually the person was photographing reflections in the shiny surface of the building – and made several exposures with a cell phone, but when the person took out a plastic camera, a guard stopped them. Go figure.

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