Lines and Curves

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

I have started a side project, working on abstracts that were photographed in Braddock. The idea of these images is not to make one try to guess what they are seeing, in pretty much all cases that will not be a problem, but to obfuscate the full context in order to suggest a new meaning.

The images are printed on homemade silver gelatin paper, for now using the AZO formula (grade 2).  I have tried a number of different papers and have been surprised how well this emulsion works on all of them. This image was printed on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper with homemade AZO silver gelatin emulsion, and is part of the Braddock Equivalents project.

Beginning photographers learn the importance of things such as lines and curves. In this image not only do lines and curves work together, but the curves in the upper right and lower left suggest vertical lines. Motion is implied from upper left to lower right by the openings to those areas and the lines and curves in the lower middle third of the image.

I would be remiss in not offering a shout-out to Denise Ross for helping me over a bump in the road.


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