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In Braddock, a number spray painted on a building indicates that it is to be taken down.

Last year while in Braddock I watched a WTAE crew of two interviewed a man for a documentary they were working on.  He had lived in Braddock for many years but moved away, so I believe that they were getting some history from him.

As the two walked away to discuss something I approached and spoke with him.  During our conversation I noted the flowered panels placed in some of the windows of the house in back of us and wondered who owned the house.  He told me that that was in house in which he had grown up.

I have visited Fanwood, NJ, where I spent the first dozen years of my life, and the neighborhood incredibly looks very similar to how I remembered it from fifty year ago (of course, everything appeared larger when I was there).  It is not possible for me to imagine living in a house and returning many years later to see it abandoned, ready to be taken down.

This image was printed on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper with homemade AZO silver gelatin emulsion, and is part of the Braddock Equivalents project.

P.S.  I would like to know what happened to that documentary – I do not live near Pittsburgh so I never had an opportunity to see it.  The crew interviewed me because I have been working on my Braddock Project for years and I would like to know if any of that was used or if it just fell on the cutting room floor.


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2 Responses to 200

  1. Bob Dungan says:

    Looks like you did a fine job on making and applying the emulsion.

  2. GLSmyth says:

    Bob – Thanks. I designed a tool that I had 3-D printed that helped me spread the emulsion. It is not perfect but works well. I have redesigned it and am having another one made (smaller size). If it is perfect then I will post the object in the Facebook Silver Gelatin Emulsion Makers group so that anyone can download it and use it themselves. Cost for getting it printed is about $20.

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