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I am in the process of getting rid of most of my cameras – selling some, giving away others (anyone want an Argus C-3?). I find it too much of a distraction to have shelves of cameras I no longer use, and feel that someone else might be able to enjoy them instead.

I sold one on eBay a while back for more than expected, and attributed that to having included images from the camera.  When I decided to sell the Travelwide I got on Kickstarter a few years ago (using my 90mm lens) I took it out into the field to photograph.

This is a handheld 4×5″ camera and I was using a reducing back so that I could test it out with some 120 film.  The only 120 I had available at the time was ISO50 speed, so hand holding was tough (full open the lens is f8) but showed the proof of concept. I was in East Baltimore and photographed this guy who was selling alfalfa.  We spoke for a while and I do not really remember much about exactly what he had, but he certainly was interesting and passionate about his product.

The problem came when I used the camera with 4×5″ Tri-X – it was so much fun to use that now I am rethinking selling the camera. I’ll post some of those images soon but for the time being I think I’ll hold onto the thing (and perhaps get more Tri-X).

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