Henneman Avenue

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Click for larger image

Occasionally tours are offered at the old A. Hoen & Co. Lithographers building in Baltimore, which has been abandoned since 1981, and at some point I may offer some of the images taken there a month ago. Before the tour I did some wandering in the area, testing my Travelwide camera (noted in the previous blog entry).

This particular image is of Henneman Avenue, which offered more activity than a number of the other streets I walked along. What struck me was the mixture of nicely kept homes with those that were completely abandoned.

This is the last entry within that misfortune known as the year 2016. I have decided to try something not done in the past decade/500+ posts of this blog, which is to just display the image with little or no comment.

The Braddock Equivalents series gave me a chance to show images that were not about the object photographed, but more about the feelings I had at the time I photographed the object. At least for the subsequent year I will post images that may or may not conform to this idea (I am currently working on some images in both categories). I may post relevant technical information, as there are some who ask for this, but I do not want this to be considered to be a technical blog.

So let’s see what 2017 brings – certainly something a bit better than 2016.


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