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They Come Out At Night

At times the images pile up like slices of bread, some put on a plate to consume now, some stuck in a bag for later, and some crammed in the freezer to be either eaten later or forgot about until … Continue reading

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Before the Internet became available to everyone, I was a Sysop in the photography section on Compuserve.  We did not have the opportunity to share images at that time and one of the frustrations was trying to explain the Wood … Continue reading

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View From A Madrid Cafe

In 2003 I traveled to Spain to attend Englishtown. Arriving at the hotel with two of my three pieces of luggage (at least I had my cameras), I unpacked and headed out to get something to eat. Finding a place … Continue reading

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There are always consequences to actions, even positive actions. The Route 450 bridge in Annapolis had traffic that was increasing , but the bridge could not properly handle. One of the casualties was Spinakers, a restaurant at one end of … Continue reading

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Actually, this is a path within Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. It is an infrared image and printed using the lith process, which accounts for some of its more interesting components. Not long after taking this picture I was … Continue reading

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Outdoor Theatre At William & Mary

When my daughter went to William & Mary College, she took me to an outdoor theatre that was deep within a wooded area.   The theatre had been left to ruin many years previously and I returned to take numerous pictures … Continue reading

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Secret Entrance

Actually, this image was taken across the stream from an outdoor theatre at William and Mary.  This is a digital infrared image that was taken two years ago.  I shot three images at the time and now have the capability … Continue reading

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Graveyard Angel

I have taken many pictures of graveyard angels over the years. I am not sure of the attraction, but if nothing else, it breaks up the sterility of more modern graveyards, which only allow plaques flush with the ground. This … Continue reading

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Abandoned Boat – Tilghman Island – Starboard

There are numerous abandoned boats throughout the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, pollution over the years has decreased the number of crabs, oysters, and fish to the extent that earning a living as a waterman is no longer feasible. This once proud … Continue reading

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Tilghman Shanties

Along with the boats on Tilghman Island, and shanties to accommodate the working boats.  The shanties are, needless to say, function over form, but because of that have their own particular charm.  Like the boats that outlive their purpose, when … Continue reading

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