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If A Tree Falls In The Woods …

This is another in my series of pinhole sieve images. The intention of this series is to give the viewer an image that is to be used as the jumping off point for creating a story. In this particular case, … Continue reading

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Starting The Day

I am not a fisherman.  It is not difficult to understand the attraction of fishing, but my personality would simply not allow me to enjoy the activity.  I need to be continually engaged in what I am doing, and time … Continue reading

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Between Marsh And Bay

I have previously blogged of the abandoned boats on Smith Island here and here. This particular image has meaning for me personally, but not in a way anyone would realize. The foreground shows marsh grasses and takes the lower half … Continue reading

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Kathy Reading

This image was taken as part of my Stone Knives And Bear Skins project. Reading is a huge part of Kathy’s life, so it only made sense to make the book she happened to be reading a major component in … Continue reading

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Katie Searching

I am not sure what my daughter was looking for – newts perhaps? This was not taken at the same time as Discovery, but many years later, so perhaps it was something else.

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Grave, Wales

Going back literally thousands of years, this is very probably the grave site of an important figure of the time. Wales offers many glimpses into the distant past with graves such as this and standing stones. As an American, I … Continue reading

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Dance With Death

A bull fight is a dance with death, where the matador displays his superiority over the bull. I previously posted another bull fight image on this blog and this is a shot earlier in the faena, before the matador was … Continue reading

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Baltimore Reflection #1

This is another in my series of reflection shots taken in Baltimore. I love this one because in addition to the warping of the building within the middle glass, the reflection on the right appears as if a forgotten part … Continue reading

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Free Art – Iron Man

This image was taken at the harbor in Baltimore. As I was wandering around I came across this man, sitting by himself, overlooking what was before him. Numerous guesses came to my mind as to what he was thinking, and … Continue reading

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