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The Recruiter

One of my girlfriend’s nephews recently joined the Air Force. To be as kind as possible, I will simply say that the individual who recruited him could have been a little more forthcoming with the information that he offered. This … Continue reading

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Kathy Distracted

The best relationships are those where the competition is minimized, and each person respects what the other is doing. I photograph, Kathy reads, when she is not on the stage. It is not uncommon for us to go somewhere, separate … Continue reading

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Katie Sitting

Another image from my Stone Knives And Bear Skins project.  I decided to slightly split tone this particular image with a very dilute selenium solution.  I pulled it as soon as the color began to change, as leaving it any … Continue reading

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Kathy And Eileen

In 2010 I plan to once again visit the Aran Islands, some images from my previous trip can be found at  On the day this image was taken my girlfriend, her sister, and I had taken a hike in … Continue reading

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Inishmaan Fences

The Aran Islands are three very large rocks off the coast of Galway, Ireland.  The only thing this rugged terrain offers in plentitude is rocks, so everything that can be built from rocks is done so.  This shows a series … Continue reading

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Gone, Temporarily

This is the third in the series of four images taken at a small public dock in Annapolis, MD.

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Three Self Portraits

There are not many pictures of myself on the Internet … actually, there are not many pictures of myself at all, as I’d rather focus on other, more interesting topics.  However, the Pinhole Blender gave me an opportunity to put … Continue reading

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House By A Stream

  This is another in my series of pinhole sieve images. This one is of a house that sits alongside a quiet stream that meanders through the woods.

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View From The Fence

Although words can be very powerful, they sometimes do fall short. This is the case when it comes to my feelings about Winter. To be diplomatic about the subject, it will suffice to be said that I appreciate it less … Continue reading

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