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On a recent trip to New York City I prepared myself for an afternoon of street photography in the best place in the world to do it. My girlfriend and I stopped in a restaurant to get some lunch and … Continue reading

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Who To Blame

As the children in Congress try to decide whether or not to send the country into economic disaster by choosing not to pay our bills, Moody’s announced that if the national government defaults on their obligations, five states will have … Continue reading

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Backyard Plants

Chris Peregoy’s excellent Pinhole Blender has been a device I have employed on numerous occasions to create interesting images. The even inventive one has started marketing what he refers to as a tube camera, which is simply a tube with … Continue reading

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Decision Time

I was in Pittsburgh early for the F295 Conference and it was a hot, beautiful day. So what do we all do in that situation? Of course, we get the tripod, large format camera, and shoot street photography. Okay, perhaps … Continue reading

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Alleyway Off Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Following my attendance in Englishtown in 2003, I spent several days in Madrid (the hotel was a total dive, but since I was usually not there it made no difference). My hotel was up this alleyway from Plaza Mayor, which … Continue reading

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View From A Madrid Cafe

In 2003 I traveled to Spain to attend Englishtown. Arriving at the hotel with two of my three pieces of luggage (at least I had my cameras), I unpacked and headed out to get something to eat. Finding a place … Continue reading

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Confusion On Pratt Street – Matt Albumen Version

Several weeks ago I attended a matt albumen workshop. The group, which numbered about a dozen, worked with our own negatives. I brought a handful of 8×10″ pinhole negatives, and after coating the paper and placing both into the contact … Continue reading

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