Akron RubberDucks

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

It seems that to be a successful Minor League Baseball team one of the more important elements is the naming of the team itself. Locally, I have found these to be a bit wanting. The Frederick Keys name is based on Francis Scott Keys, which is appropriate, the Bowie Baysox name is based on the Chesapeake Bay, which is also appropriate, but boring, the Aberdeen Ironbirds name is based on Cal Ripken, and so on. But there are other teams that have decided to go where no team has gone before, and I think that that is pretty cool.

One of my favorites is the Akron RubberDucks. Actually, “RubberDucks” refers to Akron’s history in the rubber industry, which is pretty awesome because there is an actual connection (as opposed to idiotry like the Indianapolis “Colts” – a team that cannot even come up with an original name) and this is so obtuse that nobody would be able to guess its origin.

Anyway, here is a panoramic pinhole image of the ballpark.


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