Henryton Exit

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I had a chance to give a demonstration on how to make photographic paper, which is always fun to do. Making the silver gelatin emulsion is the easy part, properly coating the paper is much more difficult. I might end up deciding to spend the money on an actual coating blade, but I continue to experiment with ways of evenly and accurately coating the paper that is affordable. I recently purchased Denise Ross’ book, The Light Farm, in the search for ideas on not only this, but also some recipes other than the AZO formula with which I am familiar.

My destination objective with making silver gelatin paper is to get some stability with photographic paper. I recently read that Fomabrom Variant IV 123 will no longer be available, which is a problem because that is my go-to paper for the Bromoil process.

The current recipe I use for making paper does not work with the process because the emulsion is too soft to use with a brush, though I do know of someone who uses sponges to ink the paper so I may give that a try. Also experimenting with various degrees of hardening may help. But knowing that I will always be able to make the paper I need would solve a continuing problem. Additionally, I am wondering how handmade paper responds to other processes, like lith printing and Mordançage. Time and testing will tell.

This image is from a number of years ago when I photographed in the Henryton State Hospital, which no longer exists.


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