The American Dream

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Sixteen years ago when my wife and I were looking for a house, our first choice was to find a place in Ellicott City. After looking at fifteen to twenty houses none matched what we were looking for so we found a place in Columbia, not far away. We did visit Ellicott City a number of times to enjoy the historic district, which had similarities to Annapolis, where I lived for a decade.

Last week flooding destroyed Ellicott City, which is still closed off and in the process of recovery. It will be quite some time before the town is accessible once again.

I looked through the many images I photographed during my trips there and selected a couple that I felt captured the essence of the place. The first one (as well as the second one) was taken outside of Yates, a small grocery store that has been around since 1885.

On a stool was a box of books for sale, with Dan Rather’s The American Dream on top. This quite well summed things up with little more for me to say.

This print was made on homemade silver gelatin paper (AZO formula) and finished with sepia toner.

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1 Response to The American Dream

  1. D Ross says:

    It’s a beautiful print and a lovely memento of a special place. I hope Ellicott City’s recovery goes the best it can.

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