The Things That Connect Us

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Click for larger image

We just do not think about that which lies between buildings, at least, most people do not. I have photographed an inordinate number of scenes where a building has been removed to display what was. The result is often a shadow, a remnant that remains despite its absence.

In this particular case it appears that a lifeline was sent out, and rejected, resulting in a connection to nothing, dividing itself.

This image was printed on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper with homemade AZO silver gelatin emulsion, and is part of the Braddock Equivalents project.

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2 Responses to The Things That Connect Us

  1. elmediat says:

    Wonderful composition. Did not see a like button – so consider this post liked. :)

  2. GLSmyth says:

    Thanks, I’m not sure that WordPress has a Like button (perhaps it does, I just don’t know where).

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